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New acquisition!

Hey, I have the first three seasons of the Golden Girls on DVD! Anyone care to watch them with me later?

New Year's?

I'm told I'm supposed to make some resolutions upon the new year. This has not been required of me before. I asked one of the janitors for some suggestions, and he said I could use some of his, but I'm not sure they make much sense. Here's what we came up with:

1. Quit smoking
2. Lose 35lbs
3. Open a retirement fund
4. Visit TJ and attend a donkey show
5. Pay "Eddie" back
6. Get back in touch with my mother
7. Acquire tickets for SEMA "in advance this time, dipshit"
8. Repaint "Nana's" house in Yuma
9. Read a book
10. Rewrite my resume

Granted, some of these just don't apply to me. I don't smoke or borrow money, I don't have a resume, and I think if I lost that much weight my renal system would shut down. In theory a retirement fund is a good idea, but I'm not likely to have any chance to retire. I've done a great deal more than attend a donkey show, and I'm not eager to repeat the experience, as it was rather uncomfortable on the previous occasion. I suppose I wouldn't mind helping to paint this old woman's house, and reading books is sometimes useful. And though I don't have much interest in car shows, SEMA keeps getting bigger every year, and it would certainly give me another topic to discuss with tourists while undercover.

Well, I could stand to prune the list a bit to tailor my own experiences...

1. Raise my BMI 3 points
2. Put some of my monthly stipend into a savings account
3. Meet "Eddie"
4. Find out if my mother is still alive
5. Attend SEMA this year in Las Vegas
6. Help repaint "Nana's" house in Yuma
7. Read a novel (as I've never read fiction before)
**8. "Go on a date with Ino"**

That sounds a little more appropriate. Or...wait. Is the resolution thing like the birthday candle wish thing? Am I supposed to keep this a secret? Though, come to think of it, secrecy won't have any bearing upon whether or not I apply myself to accomplishing anything. And what am I supposed to do once I've finished these? Is there some sort of ritual celebration? I can't imagine any of this is terribly exciting or praiseworthy.

Hmm. Maybe I'll just finish the list and see what happens.

To those who'll notice:

Neji/Team Beta - I'll be going in for more radiation therapy starting tomorrow. I won't be available for training or missions for a few days to a week afterward. If you need any further information, Dr. Umino will be kept in the loop.

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Oct. 26th, 2008

A new squad leader? Today?

Oh, dear.

Last will and testament.

If I suddenly disappear without leaving a note, I've probably developed lockjaw and died under the armored truck. I'd like my remains to be used to help advance research into marine biodiversity.

Tell Danzo I said 'hello.'



That was... overkill.


To be on the safe side...

Team Beta -

I'll be back in the Tent, probably sometime tomorrow night. It's better for all involved (translation: myself and the majority of the overworked Mutations Management Division) if you (translation: Naruto) could try to refrain from kneeing me in the kidneys if at all possible. I'm fresh off dialysis, and we'd like to give everything a chance to start functioning on its own before sending me in for more repairs.

Dr. Forbes, I'd be more than happy to repeat your joke about wearing Kevlar pyjamas in the Nevada heat like you asked, but I'm not really sure I understood it completely. And I'm fairly sure we don't actually make those.

Love and kisses,

So you're aware...

To Team Beta (not necessarily private):

I won't be available for physical training or missions for the next week and a half. If you need me for anything, either the Head Nurse or the Head of Personnel should be able to find me.

[ooc: Sai won't be sleeping in the Tent for a while...]

Make no sudden movements

I've never slept in a tent before. You learn all kinds of interesting things about other people when you're crammed in like sardines. For instance, I'm learning that carrying on a conversation with Naruto is a lot like being repeatedly punched in the face. I might put in a request for more radiation treatment just to get a little quiet time. At least when my gums start bleeding I'll understand exactly why. The same can't be said for the exhaustion I feel after trying to follow Naruto's train of thought.

I've been meaning to get some of my skin traits refined, anyway. That could be a good enough excuse, I suppose.

In contrast, Lovely Ino and Hungry Tenten are absolute joys to work with. While I might be more comfortable with different housing, I could not ask for better company. ♥

At least I'm still able to see Danzo.


I'm copying Erika 'cuz it's fun.

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